pureWash Prefilter Cartridge

pureWash Prefilter Cartridge

 pureWash Prefilter Cartridge

Model: EX-pureWash pre-filter Cartridge


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    In order for your pureWash to perform most effectively, water quality issues must be addressed. Installing a pre-filter is recommended to treat mild water quality issues, as unfiltered impurities in the water supply can potentially interact with the oxidizers produced by pureWash thereby hindering your pureWash's performance.

    The pre-filter is a 2-stage KDF 55 and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter. This filter covers most water quality issues such as high chlorine content and high iron content.


    • Optimal Performance for your pureWash
    • Necessary for Hard Water conditions
    • 200 gram KDF 55 Filter base with vegetable granular activated carbon